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NFL Conference Championship Preview.

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This weekend’s conference championships promise to be two brutal, gut punching games. Storied rivals Green Bay and Chicago tussle for a third time this season, while Pittsburgh gets a chance to atone for their late season loss to the New York Jets. Who am I picking? Like a scrotum here it is in a nutshell:

Green Bay vs. Chicago

Look for the Aaron Rodgers lead Packers offense to march off several long drives through the Bears defense the way Genghis Khan lead the Mongols through Persia. Except there won’t be a 90,000 skull pyramid left outside the stadium wall. That might draw a stiff fine from Roger Goodell. Meanwhile the #2 defense in the league shuts down the Bears running game and forces Jay Cutler to try to win the game by himself, which never turns out well.

Packers 31, Bears 17.

Pittsburgh vs. New York.

Look for the Steel Curtain to give the Jets offense a Dirty Sanchez by stopping their methodical running and short passing game and forcing the second year quarterback into some mistakes. On the other side of the ball Mike Wallace may become the next castaway on Revis Island, but expect a heavy dose of Rashard Mendenhall and count on large Benjamin to keep plays going long enough to complete some passes to the rest of his talented receiving corp. Look for the Steelers to pull this one out in a low scoring game leaving Jets coach Rex Ryan to ponder if Troy Polamalu’s feet are as pretty as the rest of him.

As an added bonus James Harrison will eat a live puppy that’s wearing a Jets Jersey at halftime. Because fuck the Jets. Harrison’s halftime show will earn him a 1.5 million dollar fine from Goodell, and kudos from Mike Vick.

Steelers 17, Jets 14.

I Can’t wait until Sunday!

Update: Packers 21- Bears 14.

It was closer than I predicted but the Packers defense performed as expected. Two names to keep an eye on: Sam Shields and Caleb Hanie. They were difference makers in this game. Look for more of both players in the future.

Update: Steelers 24-Jets 19

It was a close game as expected. Too much of a Steelers first half for the Jets to overcome though. Where’s that puppy wearing the Jets jersey? Stay tuned for my Super Bowl preview!

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