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Would you buy a used bible from this man? The Governor of Alabama only recognizes christians as his constituents

If you live in the state of Alabama and you’re not a christian, then you are no brother or sister of Governor Robert Bentley.

While addressing members of the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church in Birmingham after his inauguration, he stated “Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother.” This of course brought down a shit storm of concern from several civil rights groups including the Anti-Defamation League as to exactly how impartial a governor Bentley would be.

Bentley is just another in a long list of conservative christians who have no idea what the First Amendment is all about. The crux of the amendment is this; the government does not dictate what any church does and no church is to interfere with what the government does. In spite of this, it seems that every conservative leader today professes to base their decisions on christian doctrine and the bible. Just ask George W. Bush; he made several decisions during his administration because of his christian roots. He spoke out against same sex marriage. He opposed stem cell research. He is a firm opponent of pro-choice, and in a scene straight from the Old Testament, he made the decision to invade Iraq based on a directive from god, who apparently had his own room in the White House.

When is this going to stop? Governments should be secular in practice, not just in theory. Yet our government continues to operate as if it were a theocracy. We can not legalize same sex marriage based on a groundswell of christian conservatives who seek to “preserve the sanctity of marriage as god intended.” Our leaders continue to thump their chests and proclaim that every decision they make is for god and country. Meanwhile every gun toting, bible quoting redneck in the country continues to menace those who don’t think and act like them by issuing  rapidly escalating threats of violence through their riot inducing hate rhetoric. Yes Empress Palin and your merry band of tea-baggers, I’m talking about you.

I thank god every morning that I’m an atheist. I’m also ecstatic that I’m not Robert Bentley’s brother. I can’t picture myself in a family tree in which god is the patriarch. I would much rather make my decisions based on reason, not a book that was written by a bunch of misogynistic bigoted sheep herders who had the bright idea that they could control the masses with an invisible sky wizard.

One more thing; why does spell check insist on fucking capitalizing the words christian and god? With their track record, the words do not deserve capitalization nor respect.

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