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Mommy, why is the pond full of exploding toads?

Quietly nestled among the media reports of the conservative hate rhetoric driven shooting in Arizona, and flood driven natural disasters in Australia and South America, are small snippets about the mass dying of birds, fish, and in the case of the English coastline, crabs. What little information that is given by the media is poo poohed by “experts” that these events happen all the time and are completely normal. In the case of the thousands of birds that suddenly died in Arkansas, their deaths were attributed to fireworks.

When I read articles such as these, I feel compelled to don the tin foil hat and call bullshit. These are not normal occurrences. The truth is that in the quest to protect the interest of every fossil fuel driven capitalistic big business fat cat in exchange for well lined politician’s pockets, we are rapidly poisoning our planet, and in turn taking every living creature with us. It’s estimated that 50% of animal life on Earth has become extinct. But there’s no problem? Exploding toads in Germany? What the fuck is that?

Think about this for a second: Birds are dying by the thousands in California, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky as well as in Europe. Fish are dying by the millions in the Chesapeake and the Gulf of Mexico (no surprise there, right BP?) as well as the coasts of Brazil and China. An estimated 40,000 dead crabs washed up on the English coastline recently and barely received a mention by the press. There have been 95 documented mass wildlife die offs in North America alone, and that is considered to be a drastic undercount according to the U.S. Geological Survey‘s National Wildlife Health Center. Including what I’ve already mentioned, in the U.S. there’s been reported

. Thousands of dead shad in Lake Michigan.

. Hundreds of dead turkey vultures in the Florida Keys

. A mass die off of manatees in Florida.

. Over 4000 dead ducks in Minnesota.

. 1500 salamanders killed by a strange virus in Idaho.

. Over 2000 bats found dead in Texas.

. Nearly 3000 dead sea birds off the coast of California.

  In addition, once thriving coral beds in the Gulf of Mexico and just off the coast of Australia are dying by the foot every day; does this seem normal to you?  It sure as hell doesn’t seem normal to me.

Meanwhile once thriving lakes are drying up in Russia while massive rainfalls are flooding areas the size of France and Germany combined in Australia and South America. In America’s heartland the humongous water table that rests underground is either drying up or becoming so saline that soon there will be a water crisis in the West and Midwest that will be unrivaled and unfixable. Why is this water supply, the size of all the great lakes combined, becoming unusable? Because we are busy irrigating our genetically altered, chemically protected corn and wheat that is used to feed our steroid enhanced livestock. This is just the tip of the melting iceberg people. It’s time to wake up and smell the huge pockets of destabilizing methane on our ocean floor. Anybody got a match?

Why is nobody worried or talking about this in depth? For starters, our government which is in the back pockets of the oil, coal, agriculture, and livestock industries wants to make sure that the rich get richer. They would also like a global panic to not be induced. They would rather we as a public contentedly consume our frozen pizzas while becoming visually intoxicated with Facebook and DirecTV as we continue to give ourselves an environmental hotfoot. Furthermore, those that are privy to the truth are probably worried that they will be shot in the head by a sedition programmed cyborg sent from the future by Empress Palin in the name of rampant consumerism and the free market. It could happen!

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, the truth is right under our nose. Due to our massive population and excessive consumption, it has been estimated that it now takes four and a half earths to sustain our lifestyles. We’re going to need a bigger boat. If we want to keep this planet going for generations to come, we’re going to have to make big changes and drastically reduce our collective ecological footprint.

First, take care of business at home; reduce your water consumption. Recycle what you can. Use energy efficient lighting and appliances. Consume less meat and buy locally grown vegetables; do you realize how much water and fossil fuels it takes to raise livestock and transport them? It’s staggering.

Second, demand more from your utility companies; pester them to take advantage of clean renewable energy such as solar or wind. Write your congressman, a lot. Make them understand that our environment is more important than their SUV.

Third, question everything. Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Dig for the truth. The majority of the powers that be want you to believe that all is hunky dory; this couldn’t be further from reality.

Or you can pop another frozen pizza in the oven and ignore the fact that we are killing ourselves and everything around us. The choice is yours; you will make a difference no matter what you choose to believe.

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