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Would you let this man date your daughter? It’s all about the Benjamin.

There are many reasons why I have been paying particular attention to the latest controversy surrounding Ben Roethlisberger. As a native western Ohioan, I have been interested in his career ever since his heroics at Miami of Ohio placed him in the national spotlight. As a football fan and someone who appreciates the legacy of success that the Steelers have provided over the years, I have watched and cheered for Ben as he made clutch play after clutch play to lead Pittsburgh to two Super Bowls. I’m also interested because once again, Big Ben has scrambled away from another half hearted pass rush by prosecutors who happen to work in a state that is crazy for football. 

The fact that Big Ben has not been convicted of any crime doesn’t mean a damn thing. There are now no less than two documented cases of sexual assault allegations in less than a year. The fact that the investigations were wrapped up in a hurry can only reinforce the belief that if you are a successful high profile athlete, a successful white athlete, chances are good that the charges will never hit a court of law.  

Where there’s smoke there’s fire: This is more than just a matter of innocence or guilt. The worst case scenario is that he is a sexual predator, and needs to rot in jail for a very long time. The best case scenario is that he is an alcoholic prone to selfish juvenile behavior and needs some intense counseling. One thing is certain: Roethlisberger is on a path to self destruction and he doesn’t care who he drags with him.  

What makes this completely infuriating is that in sexual assault and rape cases the victim is always assumed guilty until proven innocent. In each case, the accuser becomes the accused. Both women have been portrayed by many as money grubbing skanks while Ben declares himself an innocent victim who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s no wonder that only a small number of sexual assault victims ever press charges; who would want to go through that type of persecution and subject themselves to emotional bullying? Our justice system along with the media makes it virtually impossible for a victim of a “sex crime” to step forward and reclaim what was brutally taken from them. 

It also boggles my mind that many, including the media still make rape an issue about sex: It’s not about sex; it’s about a sick individual who is trying to satisfy an unquenchable thirst for power. Sexual predators including Roethlisberger, in my opinion, should be put in a position where they are stripped of all power and control so that they get a measure of what it’s like to feel helpless, and robbed of their dignity and autonomy. This is assuming that sexual predators are even capable of feeling empathy. I’m not advocating that they be raped; my opinion is that they are sociopaths incapable of any empathy and should be locked up for life. 

Roethlisberger is getting off easy AGAIN. A six game suspension? Counseling? A verbal smack down from the Steelers organization? Not good enough in my book. The way I see it Big Ben should be cut down to size; he doesn’t belong in society, let alone the NFL. Eventually he’s going to feel the need to hurt someone else: I can only hope that the next prosecutor will forget the fact that he is the face of an NFL franchise and do the right thing. Two prosecutors in Nevada and Georgia have already dropped the ball.

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