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Once again the Republican Party has been collared with the bonds of hypocrisy.

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In case you haven’t seen the headlines yet, it was reported Tuesday that the Republican National Committee expense report for February declared $17000 on a fund raising trip to southern California. What’s so condemning about this? Nearly $2000 was spent at a bondage club in West Hollywood that featured topless women engaging in lesbian hijinks.

I guess that would be one way to tie funds up.

Republican and Christian leaders have reached inside their moral toy boxes and pulled out their verbal floggers in order to discipline RNC chairman Michael Steele who was reportedly not present at the time. Allegedly Steele responded by kneeling at the feet of Sarah Palin and licking her spiked boots as she punished him with a leather riding crop.I hope he remembered his safe words.

There is no truth to the rumor that Bill Clinton is considering joining the Republican Party.


The issue here is not where they spent their money. I have no problem with anybody who likes to get their kinky freak on. I have already sent inquisitive e-mails to Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnell as to where I can find such clubs in northern Kentucky. Come on Jim and Mitch, hook a brother up! The issue is that the party of the moral witch hunt spent tax payer’s money to get their jollies.

I find it laughable that the party of so called fiscal responsibility and high moral fiber has once again bowed to the mistress of insincerity. The GOP must take great pleasure in constantly getting spanked by the press for their dishonesty.









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