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Wow, Love Really is Gay.

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Sex has been a titillating subject since the birth of civilization. Love on the other hand is another story. Love in ancient times was pretty much a foreign concept. It wasn’t until classical Athens when poets and philosophers such as Plato and Sappho began to speak of and define the concept of a spiritual love.

Spiritual love was further defined during the first century with the advent of Christianity. A man and woman’s love for each other was supposed to be representative of the love they shared with their invisible sky father, according to one of my favorite radicals of the day, Jesus. Jesus in my opinion was the original hippie, a jobless wine drinking free thinker who spoke of peace and love while speaking out against the Hebrew laws and leaders of the day. He did all this and still managed to get plenty of ass from Mary Magdalene. Of course much like today, he managed to piss off quite a few people, and they killed him.

A member of Jesus’ cult was Paul, a former tax collector from Greece who took it upon himself to combine the Athenian concept of spiritual love with the teachings of Jesus. His ideals became the basis for traditional Christian love as we know it today.

Here’s the kicker folks: The Greek version of love did not come from love between man and woman. In fact women had no rights in Athens, and were viewed as uneducated property whose sole reason of being was to weave cloth and bear children. The Greek ideal of love was born from Homosexuality and Pederasty. In the eyes of Athens men were perfection; wouldn’t it be natural to love what you perceive as flawlessness?

While I find the history of gender bias that developed after the agricultural revolution vile and disgusting, I think it’s funny as hell that christian attitudes toward love originated from Socrates making googly eyes at some sexy young boy who looked particularly good in his freshly washed toga. What makes this wonderfully ironic concept even more delicious is the fact that much of the Greek virtues of romantic love as practiced by men were defined by the poet Sappho who was a WOMAN. Like the men of the day, Sappho was educated, married with children, and never missed a chance to get her some same sex lovin.

Considering the origins of spiritual love, christian doctrines that vilify homosexuality and same sex marriage are just more tiles in the mosaic of hypocrisy that is called religion.

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