Notes From the Mental Constipation Files:

Things of note while I try to fight off blogger’s block:

Highlights of Eric Massa/Glenn Beck Interview
I couldn’t possibly improve on this; sometimes the funny just writes itself.

Massa accuses Rahm Emanuel of accosting him in the shower
Is Emanuel rewriting the job description for Chief of Staff?

Ashburn: “I am gay.”
Can he join the Tea Baggers now?

Palin On Her Palm Notes: God Did It Too
When asked if she would give god’s hand a job, Palin responded: “I would love to give god a hand job, you betcha.”

Westboro Church Protest Heads to Supreme Court
I just so happen to have an exclusive photo from one of their “protests”

Rush Threatens to Move to Costa Rica if Health Care Passes.
See ya later dumb ass. I hope they have Oxycontin in Costa Rica.

Weddings begin for D.C.’s gay couples
Another important step in a very long journey.

Chuck Norris celebrates his 70th birthday today: Father Time is scared shitless!

And Finally:
William Shatner cast in ‘Shit My Dad Says’ pilot
I just loves me some William Shatner!

That’s it for now, I need to go take a mental laxative.

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