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The Mouse Pulls the Plug

Cover of "Pulp Fiction"

Cover of Pulp Fiction

On January 27 2010, Disney announced that Miramax Studios would be shutting down its operations, marking the end of a 31 year old era of creating major independent movies. Although there are offers to buy Miramax, Disney’s asking price is too much. While the major indie studio may still be on life support, the hearse is waiting outside with the motor running. Miramax Studios has long been considered the benchmark of innovation for independent movie makers and viewers. The demise of Miramax Studios is truly a lamentable moment in the history of movie making.

Miramax made stars out of small budget directors and actors alike. Directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith achieved cult status with their films, winning over an entire generation of moviegoers. Tarantino’s movie Pulp Fiction, one of my favorites, became an instant classic in the eye of the public. With Miramax’s backing, Tarantino turned the “film director” into a rock star. The film geek became cool. Film culture was radically changed forever.

Not only did Pulp Fiction help Tarantino become a house hold name, it revived the left for dead career of John Travolta, and created a superstar out of uber cool actor Samuel L.”Say what again!” Jackson. When Miramax distributed the Oscar winner Good Will Hunting, super hunks Ben Affleck and Matt Damon became overnight sensations.

A Miramax motion picture would approach controversial subjects such as homosexuality, religion, drug use, and racism with little to no fear. Movies such as Priest, Kids, The Crying Game and Dogma tested every social boundary, and smashed through them like Robert Carlyle smashing up his room when he found out Ewan McGregor took off with all the proceeds from their heroin deal in Trainspotting.

Miramax made movies that were clever, humorous, controversial and intelligent. The studio gave credit to their viewers as savvy and sophisticated. Miramax made stars out of the unknown and reintroduced celebrities whose careers had been prematurely put to rest. Their closing represents an end of a wonderful era of creative movie making. I for one will mourn the passing of Miramax.

Check out this clip of one of the most bad ass scenes in movie history:What I would like to see Jules do to Mickey Mouse!

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