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I’m not Crazy, I’m Just Distracted!

It’s official, I have adult ADD. My doctor gave me the diagnosis this past Thursday. What is adult ADD? Think of it like this: Inside your head, you’re inside an arena with 50,000 screaming Hooters girls, or Chippendale dancers, which ever you prefer (I’ll take either frankly). On one side of the arena, a Kiss concert is going on, the other side of the arena is featuring the Cirque De Soleil. In the middle of the arena is 30 midgets driving little Shriner cars, in some sort of fucked up demolition derby.And right in front of me? Why it’s the drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket screaming obscenities at me like I’m a new recruit. Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

These types of problems have always existed in my family, TFH Jr.was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism, when he was a small child. My mother suffered from depression ever since I can remember, she killed herself in 1980. My Grandma and Aunt spent a lot of time in and out of mental hospitals until they passed away in the 90’s. The fucked up runs deep in my family history.

Just another day inside my head.

After solving some difficulties with my insurance company, I was able to fill my prescription for Adderall, an amphetamine that is supposed to help eliminate most of the noise inside my head,and help me stay focused. I have to admit though, I hope the Hooter girls and Chippendales stay. The rest can go the hell away and stay gone!

I have been living with this all my life, but I could never figure out what was wrong. I suffer from anxiety,depression and suicidal thoughts all because of the stress that the ADD has brought upon me. I could never focus at work, or even on a conversation without being easily distracted. Mrs. TFH has nicknamed me “The walking nervous tic,” because I am always chewing my nails, playing with my hair, drumming on the table,etc.

Hopefully the medication will work, as the doctor said to me “you have suffered enough, time to get you out of this hell you’re in!” We all may joke about Adult ADD or ADHD from time to time (including me, but nothing is really out of bounds for me is it?), but it’s really not a laughing matter… HEY A SQUIRREL!

To learn more about Adult ADD and ADHD, check out these links: Adult ADD / ADHD
Signs, Symptoms, Effects, and Treatment

ADD & ADHD Health Center

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