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Californians Take a Brief Respite From Cursing.

I read an article this morning that the California legislature passed a motion to put a hold on cursing throughout the state wide government for one week. According to a spokesman, the idea was inspired by a 16 year old boy who formed a no cursing club in his local high school. The reasoning behind the formation of said club was to develop an understanding among teen-agers that swearing could quite possibly lead to violence, drug abuse, and bullying.

I for one support this movement. I find the use of curse words in any manner quite offensive. Furthermore I have deduced that those who choose to incorporate curse words in their vocabulary are quite lacking in their intelligence and lingual creativity. Those who choose to communicate in such a manner are often searching for a way to purchase time to formulate a method in order to, fuck this! Who the fuck are we kidding here? This is just another god damn example of how piss poor of a mother fucking job these dumb ass cocksuckers who call themselves representatives of the poor sonofabitches who live in this country are doing!

If these assholes would stop fucking worrying about how we fucking talk and start worrying about the real god damn issues that fucking concern us, we might be a better mother fucking country for it. Jesus Fucking Christ! Bunch of stupid fucking panty waist pricks. These dumb mother fucking cunt bag,shit munchers are pissing me off. Seriously, they can suck my balls! What a bunch of fucked up bullshit.

If you would like to peruse this article in its entirety, I would be sincerely grateful if you clicked on the following link:California Assembly Says ‘Yes’ To No Cussing

What a douche bag with nothing fucking else better to do might look like.

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