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There’s Hope Yet For Geeks, Freaks and Dorks!

What The Perfect Couple May Look Like.

It’s official, tall dark and handsome is out for the ladies these days. A recent poll suggest that women are attracted to guys that are less than perfect. According to a spokesman for onepoll.com:
“Publically, girls will claim they want a muscly guy, who is hair free and manly enough not to show his emotional side. “But these results prove that they secretly want something different. It seems women really do like a guy who is able to show a softer side, or who is carrying a little bit of extra weight.” “I’m sure it’s a relief to men all over the country to find out that women aren’t actually looking for that perfect guy.”

Duh! That perfect guy does not exist. (Present company excluded of course; where is that damn sarcasm font?) While appearance is of some importance, it only gets a person so far. What counts in the mating game is chemistry; if two people click on almost all levels, they will hook up and stay together for a long time. Take me for example: I am a complete dork, slightly out of shape, and pretty much covered from head to toe with body hair. This is TMI I know, but I’m trying to make a point damn it! For all my physical and personality flaws, after 5+ years Mrs.TFH still looks at me like I’m a pork chop, and I do the same with her. Neither one of us is the “perfect mate” yet we view each other as such. The idea of the perfect mate is blown out of proportion by the media.

If you live in your parent’s basement, play World of War craft and know every word of every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine don’t despair. Somewhere out there, somebody is looking for you. You do have to come out of the basement though if you want to get found. Oh, you might want to take a shower and brush your teeth. I’m pretty sure nobody is looking for stinky with bad breath!

For TFA, check out this link.The Perfect Man

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