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Running over the same old ground. What have you found? The same old fears. Wish you were here.

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Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…

Do you know which political dissident made this remark? He was one of the leaders of a group of people who grew tired of their government forcibly imposing its will upon the people, and trying to rule every aspect of their lives. He and others like him brought about change in their country, and in doing so became one of the all time great underdog stories in history.

Of course if Thomas Jefferson said this in modern times, he would be detained at Gitmo for plotting to overthrow the government and water boarded until he gave up his co-conspirators, the other founding fathers of this nation. Either that or Sarah Palin would have shot him from her helicopter.

Our country was born from revolution. They were pissed off about the way things were going, so they decided to change it. But what would our forefathers think of our government today? They would be apoplectic. The economy is in the toilet and not likely to change. Our system of government is ineffective, regardless of who’s in charge. Why do we even care who’s in charge? Our political leaders only respond to two things: money and power. Our votes mean nothing, ask Al Gore. In spite of numerous movements for equality and peace, oppression and violence are rampant in this country. Paranoia is force fed to us by the shovelful, and our civil liberties continue to be stripped away while most of us are content to be mesmerized by American Idol or Survivor or whatever mindless drivel that’s on America’s babysitter.

I’m worried- no, I’m scared shitless about the future of our families, our country, and our planet. Our government has been building a house of cards for a very long time, and it looks like it’s going to crumble around our ankles any day now. But what can I do except bitch on a blog that a handful of people read? I could choose to fight for change in some way, shape or form. I could join reform groups or organize protests to speak out for change, but I’m not Abbie Hoffman, or Martin Luther King, or Allen Ginsburg or any of the other great men and women that came before them. My feet are nowhere near big enough to fill their wonderful shoes, nor is my courage any where close to theirs. Guys, I wish you were here to help us climb out of this mess.

What I choose to do is take my family and run for my life. Call me a coward or unpatriotic or whatever you like. We prefer to call ourselves realistic. Our goal is to get to Canada first chance we get. Canada may not be perfect, but it doesn’t have Mitch McConnell or John Boehner. It doesn’t have tea baggers who want to hang senators for simply being a Democrat, and it’s sure as shit not a country hell bent on its own destruction.

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