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Are Ya Ready For Some Football?

Super Bowl Sunday is one day away now, and the Tin Foil house hold is buzzing with excitement. Since we are huge athletic supporters, we would very much like to see what should be a great finish to another football season go by. Except for Tin Foil Jr, our 15 year old son. He would rather sit in his room all day listening to Pink Floyd and plotting the destruction of all things conservative.We’re both so proud that we’re raising the boy right.

Since neither one of our teams made it this year (Bengals for me Steelers for her, insert mixed marriage joke here) we have jumped on the Saints bandwagon. With their high powered offense and emotional hard hitting defense, what’s not to like? Besides, since they violated Brett Favre in so many ways in the NFC Championship, it’s hard not to root for them.

The game is hyped as a high scoring affair with two lethal offenses teeing off on each other’s defense. While I agree with this, there are some other aspects to watch for.

Keep an eye on the defensive line for both teams. Dwight Freeney is hobbled with a severe ankle injury, and this will limit the effectiveness of the Colts pass rush. The Saints D-line is under rated, and should be in Blockheads err, I mean Payton Manning’s face all day.

The ground game is going to be more of a factor than you think. Despite the fact that both teams can score in a hurry with their passing attacks, the team that is better at running the ball will win. A good running assault will eat up the clock and limit the opportunities of the opposing offense, while giving their own defense a chance to rest. The Saints have a major advantage here, with three solid running backs and a terrific offensive line.

While Mrs. Tin Foil Hat is busy drawing the Fleur-de-lis on my hat with a sharpie, I am giving my much sought after prediction for all two of my readers. Saints 31, Colts 24.

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