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The Pope is going to be sooooo pissed at me!

About a month ago, an acquaintance of mine who also happens to be on my friends list in a social networking site put up a very disturbing post. The paraphrased message in his post was this: If you want to get to heaven, you must be a good Christian and follow the bible.

As a born again atheist, I never resist the temptation to stir the religious pot. I countered his statement with the question “What happens to a person who is not Christian, but still has high moral values?” His reply was “then they are on a paved road to hell.” My follow up question was “well what about the Jewish religion?” “They follow the Old Testament and essentially have the same moral beliefs as Christians.” I never got a reply to this question; pretty much all the post to follow were either affirmation of his original statement or comments on how good his profile picture looked.

As I reflect back on this titanic meeting of the minds, a thought continues to nibble at the corners of my aluminum foil hat; I think a key reason that Christians adhere to their morality is because of their invisible friend and his best selling historical fiction book, that tells us all to behave ourselves or spend eternity wearing asbestos pants.

WTF? I may not be the most upstanding citizen on my block, but I do have a reasonably high moral standard that I set for myself, as do many others who do not believe in the invisible sky wizard. Why is this? Because I CHOOSE to be a good person, not because I’m scared shitless of something that doesn’t exist. Whatif christians did not have religious values to dictate their every thought and action? Would they be baby killers and father rapers? The possibilities make me shudder.

History tells us that religious belief does not discourage brutal behavior, but encourages it. If one were to take a closer look, almost all of our most cruel, inhumane highlights of civilization were in the name of god. Annihilate the Incans? It’s cool. God told us to. Steal an entire continent from the Native Americans who were here first? Isolate and assimilate them? No problem, its God’s will! Treat women like property? Treat other cultures like property? It’s for their own good because the bible said so! What the fuck kind of logic is that? Wait, what? It’s not logical? Noooooo!

If belief in a magical being and the promise of an afterlife is what keeps you on the strait and narrow, so be it. Keep in mind though; religion is not an excuse for murder, misogyny, bigotry, etc. Nor is it an excuse to ignore my atheist ass when I’m trying to troll on Facebook damn it! Remember this as well, just because an invisible voice says it needs to be done, doesn’t make it so. Look at where that line of thinking got David Berkowitz and the Son of Sam…

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