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Michael Sam: Out Of The Closet And Into The Combine.


First team All American, SEC defensive player of the year, team MVP, team leader. Now, Missouri defensive end has another title to his name; openly gay athlete. None of the four professional sports currently has an openly gay player amidst the ranks. Come April, after the NFL draft they will have one – Michael Sam. Projected as a linebacker in the NFL, Sam was viewed as a high draft pick. After he came out to the media on Sunday, his future is in doubt. One NFL executive has already stated that the NFL is not ready for an openly gay player. I think it is. The opinion of most NFL players is that a team mate’s orientation is not an issue, it’s what kind of player and team mate he is that counts. His peers at Missouri certainly didn’t seem to care; he came out to them last year, and was clearly a leader on an outstanding team with a ferocious defense. Michael Sam deserves to be drafted at the level that his talent and play indicate. He’s a tremendous player with football savvy, as well as a tough as nails demeanor. He’s going to be a hell of a player, and one of the 32 teams willing take a chance on him is going to be very grateful that they did. More importantly, he deserves a medal – a freaking medal of valor. He’s not only opening the closet door for himself; he’s kicking it down for other players who share his orientation. He’s a pioneer, he’s a hero. I will be following his career closely, and you can bet that I will become a fan of the team who drafts him.

Much love to you Michael Sam. You’re brave, as well as a true hero and role model. I wish you good luck and great success on this path that you’re your so valiantly embarking on.

Happy Coming Out Day!

Pansexual flag

Pansexual flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For me, gender is not a defining factor in who or how I love. Although my partner is female, I define myself as Pansexual. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m already madly in love, I could easily see myself falling in love with a man, woman, or transgendered person. Like so many others in this world, I was born with the privilege of being able to love outside the box.

People can love me or hate me for it: They can call me a sinner, or a freak, or whatever they want- I simply don’t care. I am completely comfortable in my own skin, as is my partner, who is also Pansexual. Again, this is not a choice, this is the way I was born; this is who I am. This is who we all are.

It took many years for me to figure this out, and now that I understand, I couldn’t be happier about it. Nothing or nobody is going to take that away. I’m queer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love and peace to y’all!

12 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Will Ruin Society


Obama Comes Out In Favor of Marriage Equality.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Jose...

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did I just see rainbow smoke coming from the White House chimney? In an interview with ABC News Robin Roberts today, President Obama echoed the sentiments of Joe Biden ( without the off the wall Will & Grace comments):

OBAMA:”I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about. members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point

I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.”

The interview is scheduled to air tonight.

I must say, this is a pretty bold statement, considering the fact that it’s an election year. Hopefully, he’ll get another 4 years to back that statement up. As I stated in a previous post, it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work to get rid of DOMA, and finally bring about marriage equality on a federal level.

I hope Obama’s actions will be louder than his words.  

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Jonah Mowry is Stronger Than Me.

You simply must watch this heart wrenching video posted by a young man a few months ago, just before he started 8th grade. His name is Jonah Mowry: He has been bullied since 1st grade because of his homosexuality. He is a cutter, with many physical scars that are only rivaled by his emotional scars. He made this video during the wee hours of the morning because he was scared and feeling very alone.  He was so distraught that he couldn’t even bring himself to speak; he relays his message on hand written index cards.  I was so moved that I cried almost as hard as he did.

There are a lot of Jonah Mowrys in the world, and they need our love and support, not our hate and ostracism. Please watch the video, and then like his page on Facebook. Tell him you understand and that you care. I’m sure he would be very grateful.

Stop the bullying

The Obama Ear Scratch of The Week.

Check out this exchange between Michele Bachman and Jane Schmidt, president of Waverly High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance:

JANE SCHMIDT: One of my main concerns is government support for the LGBT community. So my question is what would you do to protect GSAs in high school and support the LGBT community.

BACHMANN: Well, No. 1, all of us as Americans have the same rights. The same civil rights. And so that’s really what government’s role is, to protect our civil rights. There shouldn’t be any special rights or special set of criteria based upon people’s preferences. We all have the same civil rights.

JANE SCHMIDT: Then, why can’t same-sex couples get married?

BACHMANN: They can get married, but they abide by the same law as everyone else. They can marry a man if they’re a woman. Or they can marry a woman if they’re a man.

JANE SCHMIDT: Why can’t a man marry a man?

BACHMANN: Because that’s not the law of the land.

JANE SCHMIDT: So heterosexual couples have a privilege.

BACHMANN: No, they have the same opportunity under the law. There is no right to same-sex marriage.

JANE SCHMIDT: So you won’t support the LGBT community?

BACHMANN: No, I said that there are no special rights for people based upon your sex practices. There’s no special rights based upon what you do in your sex life. You’re an American citizen first and foremost and that’s it.

ELLA NEWELL, a junior at Waverly High School: Wouldn’t heterosexual couples, if they were given a privilege then, that gay couples aren’t, like given that privilege to get married, but heterosexual couples are given a privilege to get married?

BACHMANN: Remember every American citizen has the right to avail themselves to marriage but they have to follow what the laws are. And the laws are you marry a person of the opposite sex.

Once again, you have shown the country what a narrow minded, discriminatory ass hat you really are. For that you have earned the Obama Ear Scratch of The Week

By the way, your hubby is as gay as the day is long, and you are his beard. Accept it.

PLAYING IT STRAIGHT – A Month of Giving Up Everything Gay – Vice Magazine

Gender symbols, sexual orientation: heterosexu...

Image via Wikipedia

Some really funny stuff here from Jamie Taete at Vice Magazine.

Jamie undertakes a 30 day experiment in which he gives up being gay. He undergoes many therapies and lifestyle changes, and rates their effectiveness from one to ten.

The article is not only hysterically funny, it also proves a point. You can’t change who you are, right down to sexual orientation. The faster you  can accept that, the happier you’ll be! If only the Rick Santorums of the world would realize that.

Steve Simon Battles Minnesota Homophobes On Same Sex Marriage.

Rainbow American flag promoting equality for e...

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“How many more gay people does God have to create before we ask ourselves whether or not God actually wants them around?”

This quote was given by State representative Steve Simon to the Minnesota house committee, in an effort to convince the Republican dominated legislature not to insert a same sex marriage ban into their state constitution. The measure passed in spite of his impassioned plea.

For those who believe in god, this quote should ring true; if we are all ostensibly god’s creatures, then to deny those of same sex orientation the same rights as heterosexuals is a sin, right?

For those of us who are atheists, the same quote applies. Simply replace the word “god” with nature. It still makes sense, does it not? Understand this: same sex orientation is a natural occurrence in the animal kingdom, and we are animals!

To deny same sex marriage is to deny human rights. Steve Simon gets that. I wish there were more Steve Simons in the world. I also wish there were less pious homophobes such as Rick Santorum, or the Minnesota legislature in the world. I’m not holding my breath though; I would probably suffocate waiting for such a sweeping change in misplaced morality.

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Westboro Plans to Picket Elizabeth Taylor’s Funeral

 Fred Phelps,cutting loose.

Westboro Baptist Church is going to take their gay hating tour to California.

 Fresh from their First Amendment victory in the Supreme Court, Margie Phelps announced that they plan to celebrate by traveling to Los Angeles to protest at Elizabeth’s Taylor’s funeral. Their reason?  Ms. Taylor “spent her life in adultery and enabling fags” according to Ms Phelps. Such a kind and gentle christian woman you are Margie. What Ms. Margie is referring to is that Ms. Taylor was a pioneer in HIV/Aids activism. Starting in 1985, she set up her own foundation to battle aids as well as creating awareness in aids prevention. She felt compelled to do this because the Reagan administration was too busy dreaming about star wars type defense projects, and plunging our country into debt with voodoo economics to help those who were stricken. Ms Taylor stepped up to the plate to battle this horrific virus while the government chose to ignore it.

While the rest of the country is honoring Ms Taylor for her work as an actress and activist, Fred and Margie Phelps, along with their band of bat shit crazy followers are going to attempt to besmirch her name. They’re going to plant their crazy asses outside the cemetery on the day of the funeral, and vomit their hateful vitriol upon anyone who will listen.
The Westboro Church is a vile and disgusting establishment, looking to gain publicity for their little cult by insulting those who can’t fight back. They routinely show up at military and celebrity funerals, condemning the dead to hell, while spewing out their prejudiced bullshit aimed at those of same-sex orientation. They must be stopped, and I think I know how.

While the first amendment does protect their right to protest, there is a way to put an end to the madness; the government can refuse to recognize their legitimacy as a non-profit organization and tax the fuck out of them. I guarantee if we take away the government gravy train, the so-called church will crumble like a house of cards. Furthermore, the media can refuse to cover these grotesque events. If you ignore a bully and take away its power, eventually it goes away.

Of course this will never happen because our government is gutless, and our media is always looking for a story.  In the mean time, I guess overzealous hate mongers like Fred and Margie Phelps are always going to have a voice. All I can say is when you both die, you better dress for warm weather; it’s going to be extremely hot where you’re going. 

My Response to Republicans Over SB5? F*ck You!

The bill SB5 passed in Ohio by a 17-16 vote yesterday, and all I can think is fuck you Republicans. Fuck you for going against popular opinion. Fuck you for trying to sneak in wording that would eliminate benefits for same sex partners on this bill. Fuck you for trying to make this about the budget, instead of your own nefarious agendas to accumulate more wealth and power. Fuck you for not caring about the poor and middle class, the backbone of this country. Fuck you for not giving a shit about women, and trying to control their bodies. Fuck you for claiming that abortion is murder, yet secretly cheer when another abortion doctor is killed. Fuck you for demanding that every child be born regardless of the price the mother may have to pay, and then ignore the child when it’s born.

Fuck you for not allowing same sex partners all the rights and privilege that heterosexual couples enjoy on a federal level. Fuck you for attempting to eliminate Planned Parenthood, Wic, the EPA, and other vital agencies while giving yet more tax breaks to billion dollar corporations. Fuck you for taking up permanent residence in the Koch Brothers back pockets. Fuck you for inflicting Nixon, Reagan, and Bush upon us. Fuck you for bitching about high taxes, huge government, and an unmanageable national debt, than turning around and raising all three. Fuck you for claiming it’s about jobs, then ignoring the unemployed when you’re elected. Fuck you for doing everything you can to make our country a fascist, one party nation. Fuck you for the lies that you spread about Barack Obama. Fuck you for giving birth to the Tea Party. Fuck you for enabling Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. Fuck you for Faux News. Fuck you for not putting a muzzle on Fred Phelps and the other crazy fuckers who preach hate and intolerance. Fuck you for Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, John Kasich, etc, etc, etc. Fuck you John Boehner for being the uncaring prick that you are. Fuck you for every other transgression that I left out. Fuck you, Fuck you, and Fuck you.

I’m sorry that this post isn’t as eloquent as what you’re used to. It’s hard to be a wordsmith when all I feel right now is rage.


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