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More Thoughts On Football And The Culture Of Rape.

Yesterday I talked about the misogynist atmosphere that exist in the sport of football. I focused on the sexist rant perpetrated by Brent Musberger as he drooled over Katherine Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. Today, when I got home from work, my partner shared with me this article posted on Upworthy: A Horrifying Thing Happened In Ohio. Not Being Creepy Could Prevent It From Happening Again.. The article discusses the controversy surrounding the rape of a 16 year old girl by two high school football players from Steubenville, Ohio. The girl was at a party, had too much to drink and passed out. After she was out cold, the two players in question raped the girl, while pictures and video were taken. Of course, the pictures and video became public. In the aftermath, the coach of the football team tried to dismiss the rape as a teen age girl trying to stay out of trouble with her parents. The article itself is brief, but more importantly it introduces a video that you simply must watch.

I agree 100% with the young man speaking in the video. Whether a man, young or old understands what rape is, it’s still rape. This is the problem with our patriarchal culture. Boys are simply not educated enough about what constitutes rape, and in the often times violent world of football, a culture of rape does indeed exists. As I mentioned yesterday in my blog post, when I played high school football, girls were viewed as objects to conquer and fuck. It is a world of  machismo, of prove your manhood at any cost, and coaches do very little on any level to educate or dissuade young men from this behavior. If we are going to change our culture of rape in sports, or in society in general, we must be proactive. We must educate our sons what is creepy, what is inappropriate, and what is rape. If we can’t or won’t do this, then the culture of rape will continue to permeate every level of society.

In somewhat related news, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Chris Rainey was charged with domestic violence for slapping his girlfriend during an argument over a cell phone. As a result, the Steelers announced today that they were cutting all ties with Rainey. I say kudos to the Steelers for showing zero tolerance for this misogynistic behavior. However, I would add that the same should have been done a few years ago to Ben Roethlisberger, after he was charged not once, but twice with rape and sexual assault. His alleged actions merely earned him a 4 game suspension from the NFL, but no action by the team was ever taken. What happened with Rainey was a positive action, but I’m still of the mind that punishments doled out in football, particularly when it comes to domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault, always fits the talent level of the player rather than the crime.

The Paul Ryan Effect.

My first impulse after writing the title to this post, was to leave it blank. As Romney’s running mate, Ryan contributed little to nothing to his campaign. At first glance, one would think he was a non-factor. However, after some further examination, I think he was a huge factor, a ginormous negative effect on a campaign that had a razor thin margin for error.

At the very least, a VP candidate is expected deliver his home region. Ryan couldn’t even deliver his home state. While he did manage to hold on to his congressional seat in Wisconsin (talk about hedging your bet), his Midwestern background meant little there. Romney lost Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio: All states that Ryan should have appealed to. What he and Romney got instead was an Obama sweep. Indiana came through for team Romney, but I can’t even remember the last time Indiana went blue in a Presidential election.

As the campaign trudged forward this year, Ryan’s presence grew smaller by the day. Sure, he did stop and wash some already clean pots and pans at a St. Vincent De Paul, and he did take some time to get schooled by Joe Biden on national TV, oh yeah, there was also the children of rape is God’s gift ( or some disgusting view point of the like) comment, and the ridiculous photo shoot with the dumbbells (which one was the dumbbells?), and the – you know? Never mind. The GOP, pretty much tried to hide him, rather than let him promote Romney.

He was making a fool out of himself and Romney from the outset, and Willard sure as hell didn’t need any help with that.

Willard my man, you should have went with Christie as your running mate: you have my heart felt gratitude for picking Ryan instead.

Dumb ass.

The Way Things Should Work.


It’s a shame that it takes a horrific event such as Sandy to bring us together to work toward a common cause. This picture of Governor Christie and President Obama touring New Jersey and offering comfort where they can is quite poignant to me. It reminds me that in times of crisis, it is possible to set aside our differences, roll up our sleeves, and work together. I have to give big respect to Governor Christie for putting his state before his politics. His non-partisan leadership in the midst of this crisis, clearly displays that he puts the well being of people before any conservative agenda.

I also have to pay big respect to Obama, for setting aside his campaign for a few days, in order to make sure that help to the East Coast was immediate, and not days later. He was attentive to the situation, and plowed through the red tape that always bogs down relief efforts such as this. He is the man to lead this country for another 4 years.

Oh, and Willard Romney; where was he? Why he was busy cleaning out an Ohio Wal-Mart for a “relief effort” of his own. Except in his case, his “relief effort” was a list ditch effort to save a campaign that’s been taking on water way before Superstorm Sandy. If he really truly wanted to help, maybe he could clean out one of those Cayman Island accounts of his, and donate that to the Red Cross: Rather than forcing a bunch of canned goods that they can’t use down their throats.

Five Men Arrested In Ohio For Trying To Blow Up A Bridge With Fake Explosives.


Ohio (Photo credit: DBduo Photography)

5 men who claim to be Anarchists were arrested late Monday afternoon, for attempting to blow up the route 82 bridge, just south of Cleveland Ohio. The explosives that they bought to blow up the bridge were fake, so I imagine they would have had a tough time with that endeavor if they had not been caught.

Dudes, you’re giving the rest of us Anarchists a bad name. Besides, isn’t it Governor Kasich’s responsibility to wreck shit in Ohio?

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Clean Water Act My A$$:The Ten Most Polluted Waterways of The U.S.


The towboat, Donna York, pushing barges of coa...

The towboat, Donna York, pushing barges of coal up the Ohio river. The tow had just exited the Portland canal at Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a disturbing yet unsurprising article from Mother Jones naming the ten most polluted waterways in the country. The Ohio River, the river in which I live not even a mile away from, sits firmly entrenched on that list. The article includes a link to a report from the Environment America Research and Policy Center, which states that industry dumped 226 million pounds of toxic chemicals into our rivers and streams in 2010. This is actually an improvement from their previous study conducted from 2007. For some reason, that doesn’t make me feel any better. I can’t imagine why not.

In addition, the article states that “Within the overall waste, the researchers identified 1.5 million pounds of carcinogens, 626,000 pounds of chemicals linked to developmental disorders and 354,000 pounds of those associated with reproductive problems.” The main offenders ( the top 20 are listed in the article) are mainly steel manufacturers, chemical plants, and food processors.

In addition to the Ohio, the other 9 highly polluted waterways are:

Mississippi River
New River
Savannah River
Delaware River
Muskingum River
Shonka Ditch
Tri County Canal
Rock River

While most of these waterways are ostensibly by the Clean Water Act, the fact of the matter is that these toxic chemicals released into our water supply are actually legal, and the offenders are not required to make public what or how much they are dumping. Even more outrageous is that another 60% of our rivers, streams, canals and lakes are not even covered by the Clean Water Act.

Capitalism kills my friends, Capitalism kills. Our environment is not so living proof of that.

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I Bet Movie Night At Terri Proud’s House Isn’t Much Fun.

Great Seal of the State of Arizona

Great Seal of the State of Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back when I was a freshman in an Ohio catholic high school, part of my young adult christian brain washing was being forced to watch a video of an actual abortion. I remember that me and my class mates were subjected to this horrific film as a part of our health class. The film was very graphic, and many of the students had to leave the room; they were either emotionally overwhelmed, or nauseated from the gore. It was a very traumatic experience for 13 to 14 year old kids to deal with, and furthered my personal disillusionment with the church, and religion in general. Even as a young teen, I could see through the bullshit that is religion.

Now, decades later, Arizona representative Terri Proud (R) wants to force women who want an abortion to watch one of these such videos, before they have the procedure. Apparently to Rep Proud, an abortion isn’t traumatic enough; she wants to carry the anguish even further in an obvious attempt to further her christian agenda.

Terri Proud is part of the ongoing right wing movement to turn this country into a theocracy where everyone’s rights are dictated by the bible. Speaking of the bible, Ms. Proud is also sponsoring a bill in the Arizona legislature mandating the teaching of the bible in public schools.

All I can say about the uber extremist right wing nut jobs in Arizona is this: It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.

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Hit By a Natural Disaster? Don’t Ask Ron Paul For Help.

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Image via Wikipedia

Ron Paul has some twisted values. During his appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Paul had this to say when questioned about sending federal aid to the tornado battered south and midwest:

“Federal money is just what they steal from the states and steal from you and me.”

The crazy little man further added:

“The people who live in tornado alley, just as I live in hurricane alley, they should have insurance,”

I wonder if Paul realizes that not everyone has the kind of money that he has to buy decent homeowners or renters insurance? Many of the communities that were devastated by last week’s storms are close to where I live; they are mostly small rural towns, and very financially depressed areas. I seriously doubt that any one of these ravaged towns has the kind of money to just pick themselves up, and dust themselves off.

Furthermore, the states sure as hell don’t have the money to help: Their conservative leaders are busy spending the money on important job creating issues, such as fighting immigration, abortion, and same sex marriage. That leaves these strickened areas to depend upon much needed federal aid, unless your Governor John Kasich. Apparently Ohio has enough money of it’s own, because Kasich turned down federal aid when it was offered.

Politicians like Paul and Kasich are so worried about state’s rights and spending, that they would rather see regions devastated by natural disasters wither and die than accept federal aid. Where’s the logic in that?

One more thing: does anyone find it a little odd that Homeland Security is handling the catastrophes in Indiana? I’m just sayin’

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Pick Your Topic Tuesday: Bengals Behind Bars

Cincinnati Bengals logo

Image via Wikipedia

My thanks to Don in Mass for his winning topic suggestion of why the Cincinnati police blotter is so full of Cincinnati Bengals. If you haven’t checked out Don’s blog yet please do. Like me, Don has a very liberal view of life, and is not afraid to speak out for what he believes in. Don also has an uncanny knack for finding political cartoons that are hysterical!

Without Further Adieu, I give you

Bengals Behind Bars

With the arrests of Pac Man Jones, Cedric Benson, and Marvin White last week, the collar count for the team since 2000 has climbed to 34. While the Bengals way of conducting their business as a franchise is old, stale, and not conducive to winning consistently (meaning they suck), Bengals players manage to find creative ways to acquire chained bracelets from police across the country. Ranging from simple arrests for DUI or drunk and disorderly, to scratch your head type incarceration for drunken boating, and providing alcohol to underage girls, Bengals players have displayed a level of imagination for breaking the law that is only rivaled by the creativity displayed in how they lose games.

So why has there been so many Bengals arrested in the last ten years? Frankly, there is no one predominant reason. However, there are 3 reasons that when explored and combined, give a fairly clear insight on what’s going on here in the Queen City.

 The Bengals are a microcosm of character issues in the NFL. Since 2000, nearly 350 players in the NFL have been arrested. The Bengals numbers of arrests represent 10% of the league’s problem children. Until Commissioner Roger Goodell took measures to clean up the league a couple of years ago, talent has always taken priority over character in pro football. The NFL is a pressure packed, win now sport, and if Charles Manson could throw a football 80 yards with pin point accuracy, you can bet your ass a desperate GM of some team would take a chance on him. The Bengals are no different, particularly since owner-

 Mike Brown loves the bad boys. Throughout the league, owner Mike Brown is known as “the redeemer.” He is notorious for signing talented players with huge character issues at discount rates. He is a penny pincher extraordinaire, who thinks he is running a half way house for wayward players, which is not a good thing in Cincinnati since-

 The police in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky aren’t exactly color blind. Of the 34 arrests, 22 two were in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. Of those 22 arrests, 2 of the players were white. Cincinnati is a city of fairly harmonious integration and diversity, yet the police have been rightfully accused of prejudicial racial profiling for years. In the 90’s that institutional bigotry nearly tore the city apart; a young African American male was shot in the back and killed while running from the police. Why was he running? Because he was scared shitless! The policemen involved were subsequently acquitted. As a result, justifiably infuriated African Americans erupted in a series of riots that would take years to recover from. In 2006, defensive tackle Matthias Askew was tazed and arrested for resisting arrest for parking violations. Yes, 2 parking violations. Askew was acquitted, and later sued the police department, who settled out of court with a $500,000 payment to Askew. Even Chris Henry, the poster child for badness in Cincinnati, was many times a victim himself of law enforcement bigotry. Of the many charges filed against him, he was either acquitted or convicted of minor offenses, resulting in slaps on the wrist.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been subjected to ridicule for 20 years, which also happens to be how long Mike Brown has owned the team. They are a train wreck of a franchise, and have earned every criticism that comes their way, including to some extent that they are the league’s version of the island of misfit toys. Their number of arrests when compared to the rest of the league is some what higher, but not by much. Mike Brown does acquire character issue players on the cheap, but so does everyone else. Of all the players arrested, none resulted in jail time, and a lot of the charges were dropped. When you look at the big picture, the willingness of every NFL team to sign players with character issues, and the history of institutional prejudice in local law enforcement, it’s no wonder that the Bengals arrest rate is slightly higher, resulting in constant to generalizations and ridicule, particularly when you combine their amount of arrests with their history of suckitude.

However, they don’t have an accused accessory to murder starting at their middle linebacker spot, or a convicted dog killer starting at quarterback. Hell, they don’t even have a wide receiver who was convicted of possessing and discharging a firearm in a public place, nor a wide receiver that killed a man while driving drunk. At least they have that going for them.

Terrelle Pryor Announces He’s Leaving Ohio State. Luke Fickell Breathes a Sigh of Relief.

Terrelle Pryor passes while Justin Boren blocks

Image via Wikipedia

Ohio State starting QB Terrelle Pryor announced yesterday that he would not be returning this fall. I don’t think that many of us are surprised by this. Pryor is the centerpiece of the current NCAA investigation into several violations committed by both past and present players. Violations that former coach Jim Tressel tried to cover up last fall, which lead to his resignation on Memorial Day.

Ohio State has now officially lost the two faces of it’s football program; so where does this leave them? Actually, they’re not in that bad of shape. Pending the outcome of the NCAA investigation, the program can now move on, and move on they will.

The program Tressel left behind is a damned good one. They were always, and are still, in a position to reload rather than rebuild. Coach Luke Fickell was a well respected assistant, both by coaches and players. I have every confidence in the world that he’ll keep Ohio State Football at a high level. As for the QB position, they are set for another four years. Freshman Braxton Miller is regarded as the best high school QB in the country. I’m betting he starts in game one, and stays there until it’s time for him to go pro. The kid is special, and he’s a winner.

As for Pryor, I think his future is a little cloudy. He will turn pro, but he is not ready. He still needed that last year of college to develop. Furthermore, with the NFL lockout still unsettled, it may be a year before he can get his foot in the door. He may not even be highly sought after by NFL teams.

Although Pryor is a big game player with three wins over Michigan, and two BCS wins under his belt, Pryor’s talent has often taken a back seat to his behavior. He is a character risk to many NFL general managers. His skill set at the next level is also in question; many talent evaluators in the NFL feel that he is more suited to play wide receiver because he’s tall, and runs like a deer. He’s already being compared to wide outs such as Calvin Johnson or Plaxico Burress. Personally, I don’t think his ego will let him play anything other than quarterback. Unless he grows up in a hurry, he’s not going to get that chance.

I loved watching Pryor play as a Buckeye, but I’m glad he’s moving on. As much as I love the players, I love the program more. Pryor has become a distraction, as well as a cancer to the team. It’s time to move on to the new faces of the team: Coach Fickell and Braxton Miller.

Oh, and one more thing: Out of the top 25 football programs in the country, THE Ohio State was ranked #1 in Academic Progress Rate. Call them what you will, but the fact of the matter is that the Buckeyes kick ass in the class room as well as on the field.

Suck on that Michigan ;)

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FBI says “mullet bandit” holds up another bank – Yahoo! News

FBI says “mullet bandit” holds up another bank – Yahoo! News.

I live in Ohio, and go to Columbus semi-regularly. Trust me, they’ll never catch this guy. I’d say 25% of the men in Ohio still sport mullets. And wife beater t-shirts.


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