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Shutdown: Some Numbers To Mull Over While Our Government Does Nothing

It’s estimated that the government shut down will cost the tax payers twenty one million dollars a day. In addition, the shut down will slow down the economy to the tune of three hundred million dollars a day.  Meanwhile, the stock market began to plummet before the shut down even went into effect. In addition, an estimated eight hundred thousand government workers are now on leave without pay. Furthermore, vital social programs such as WIC will be shut down, leaving many who rely on government assistance to fend for themselves. Looking forward to retirement? Not so fast my friend. You’re application for Social Security most likely will not be processed until the shut down ends. Want to go to a national park or museum? Forget about it, they’re shut down as well. The absurd list of those affected by the shut down goes on and on.

This  is our conservative party at work folks – or in this case non work. They are diligently and systematically destroying our country in order to undermine our president. This isn’t a mere temper tantrum over Obama-care: This is treason.  This is one of our parties demonstrating a complete disregard for the country they supposedly have sworn to protect and work for. The government could have easily been kept operational if the Republican Party would have budged one iota on their ridiculous demands. The House and Senate could have easily passed a spending bill that did not include the defunding of Obama-care, John Boehner wouldn’t allow it.  The GOP isn’t looking out for the American people, they’re looking out for themselves, as well as the likes of the Koch brothers. This traitorous act by the Republican Party is akin to the boy with the football going home until everybody lets him play quarterback. Let me tell you something boys, the game you’re trying to shut down went on without you: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act went into effect while you were collectively packing your footballs and going home. Your little game of chicken accomplished nothing, other than seriously damaging our economy. It’s not Obama nor the Democrats who are suffering from your childish and churlish behavior: It’s millions of people in this country who will suffer.

At the very least, the GOP leaders who are leading this crusade against John Q Public simply must be voted out in 2014. At the most, they should be led away from their tax payer subsidized day care in shackles. In closing, I would just like to say this to John Boehner and the rest of his petulant cronies:


Family Picture

What little time I’ve had to blog lately seems to be sharing pictures I come across on the intertubes. This post is keeping up with that theme. I came across this awesome family portrait while looking at Huffington Post. Two things occurred to me when I first saw it:

1- It’s a vagina, not a clown car. Seriously, who has this many kids anymore? It’s not the Bronze Age.

2- The very unhappy boy in the forefront reminds me of John Boehner – WHAAAAAAAA!




State Of The Union Address – 2013

You can also go here for full text of the speech.

What are your thoughts on Obama’s SOTU? I have to admit, I only caught the last half hour last night. However, I did get a chance to read the full text of his speech this morning. All in all, I thought it was a very moving address. Here are some points that caught my attention:

1. POTUS finished his speech with an extremely emotional bang. His call for tougher gun control regulations were punctuated with recognition of several victims of gun violence. After each name was called, he implored that each victim deserves a vote. Even John Boehner rose to his feet to applaud. However, I couldn’t help but feel that this was nothing more than emotional grandstanding. Obama never once mentioned an actual passing of a gun control bill, he merely called for some form of legislation to be voted upon. He knows full well that nothing will pass through the NRA controlled congress. His rhetoric did make me tear up a little though.

2. Climate change. Yes Mr. President, our climate has changed. You’re a little late, but welcome to the conversation. For the sake of every living thing on this planet. I implore you to lead the way in reducing our carbon footprint. Climate change is an issue that you should be talking about every single day until something is done.

3. Raising the minimum wage. This is also long overdue. There should be no such thing as the working poor. I like the idea of tying the minimum wage to the cost of living index. Make it happen.

4. Improving infrastructure. Again, long overdue. Want to put people back to work? Want to attract more jobs and boost interstate commerce? Improve our decaying infrastructure. It’s a no brainer.

5. Women do deserve equal pay: Twist some arms and make this happen.

6. Cyber security. This makes me little nervous. I can’t help but feel that more of our civil liberties are going to be stripped under the guise of national security and cyber security. It seemed as this part of his speech was pointed more toward hacktivists such as Anonymous, and less toward global terrorist.

7. Transparency of national security. Obama tells us that congress is informed of every program and action taken by our security and intelligence agencies. He also assured that the public would be kept in the know. This was a pants on fire moment for the president. I’m skeptical, as is a majority of the country. Let’s get a look at that kill list Mr. President!

8. Cut Spending, close tax loopholes. I agree, but why fuck with Medicare?

9. Obama seemed more bi-partisan. He worked very hard to remind everyone last night that we’re in this for the long haul. He seemed to throw a little something out to both parties.

10. What the hell is the deal with Joe Biden’s eyes? I love me some Joe Biden: However, he looked downright scary last night.

The whole time I was watching the speech, Biden’s lack of pupil visibility was freaking me and my partner out. It was very disturbing.
Bonus: Boehner seemed to be an even higher shade of orange.

Over all, I think it was one of the president’s best speeches. He was conciliatory, and he was passionate about issues that are in the fore front of the county’s collective mind. As with every SOTU, I can only hope there’s more action than lip service.

Hey GOP, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?















A tip of the tin foil hat to the Christian Left for sharing.




John Boehner Makes Pouty Cry Face Over Supreme Court Decision

This is just epic. Fucking hilarious too :)


A tip of the tinfoil hat to Yahoo News.

Boehner’s Job Bills Are Actually Corporate Hand Jobs

Official portrait of United States House Speak...

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John Boehner and his GOP cronies have a different idea than the rest of us of what a jobs bill actually does. For most sane people, a jobs bill attempts to create jobs. For Boehner and the GOP, a jobs bill does the following:

*Bust unions
*Guts the EPA
*Rapes the environment
*Further enables special interest
*Gives yet more tax breaks and incentives to Corporations
*Cuts funding for the Affordable Care Act.
*Cuts unemployment benefits
*Limits safety requirements in the work place by undercutting agencies such as OSHA

The House has passed 27 of these turds, which are now sitting in the Senate. Boehner is railing against the naughty Democrats in the Senate, because they apparently have the brains to recognize corporate serving poppy cock when they see it. In other words, Boehner is pissed because the Senate Democrats are daring to call bullshit, and not passing his bills.

Jeez John, you could at least offer a reach around with your “jobs bills.”

Karoli from the blog Crooks and Liars takes a look at some of Boehners “Job Bills”, and explains why they’re really not:

HR 3630 – The Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act of 2011 – This bill does indeed extend the “docfix” and unemployment insurance for a year, but with a hefty price.

In addition to freezing federal workers’ pay for three years, it requires issuance of a permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline in advance of the proposed routing by Nebraska, suspends the newly-issued mercury regulations and extends 100% expensing of business equipment (including private jets). Another so-called “jobs bill”, HR 1938, was passed giving a November 1, 2011 deadline for the Keystone pipeline.

With regard to unemployment insurance benefits, it cuts the 99-week maximum down to a 59-week maximum by mid-2012, allow states to drug-test UI recipients, and allow states to reduce state unemployment benefits and substitute federal funds. It also cuts funding for key provisions of the Affordable Care Act coming online, and adds the requirement to welfare payments that EBT cards cannot work in strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos.

Provisions were included to auction more broadband spectrum and reclassify the 700mhz D Block as public safety broadband use only, which would be a huge payoff to Verizon Wireless lobbyists, who won that block with requirements that it remain open, after Google challenged the auction process.

It would force Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to pay increased guarantee fees similar in scope to those due from large banks as a part of the Dodd-Frank Act, means-tests unemployment insurance benefits and food stamp programs and increases Federal employees’ contributions to their retirement system by 1.5% while freezing pay, so their pensions take a double-whammy.

Finally, it repeals the new timing rules for estimated corporate tax payments for companies with assets of $1 billion or more so that they can use payments of estimated taxes as a timing tool for fourth quarter profit declarations.

None of the provisions outlined above create jobs. They called it a jobs act, but it was really just an act.

HR 1633 – Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act of 2011

This bill prevents the EPA from issuing or finalizing regulations revising air quality standards under the Clean Air Act, and excepts farm dust from all references to “particulate matter.”

No jobs there, but if anyone has ever suffered from Valley Fever, they might object to exempting dust, particularly farm dust, from the definition of particulate matter.

HR 10 – Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act of 2011

Guts the regulation process by mandating that every regulation promulgated by approved by Congress after an onerous submission process, while exempting any Congressional finding from judicial review. Call this one the Carte Blanche For Congress To Kill All Regulatory Authority Bill.

What it is not: A jobs bill.

HR 3010 – Regulatory Accountability Act of 2011

HR 3010 is a modified, somewhat less onerous version of HR 10, setting guidelines for whether any regulations are warranted at all even if called for under a statute. Calling an anti-regulatory statute a jobs bill is a little like calling a half-built bridge infrastructure. So again, not a jobs bill.

HR 527 – Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act of 2011

Ostensibly, HR 527 would reduce regulatory requirements on small businesses by forcing an impact study with specific focus on small business before regulation is adopted. It would limit EPA, OSHA and CFPB regulations while presumably protecting “small” closely-held Subchapter S corporations like Koch Industries. Not a jobs bill.

HR 3012 – Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2011

HR 3012 would expand job immigration beyond current limits by eliminating employment-based immigrant visa caps and raising the percentage of total visas granted to 15% from 7%. For this one, I’ll say it IS a jobs bill, but not a jobs bill for American workers. It is the “Elite Immigration Jobs Bill of 2011″.

HR 3094 – Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act

HR 3094 redefines collective bargaining units and makes significant changes to election procedures, including one intended to intimidate employees: an employer-supplied list of eligible voters with contact information provided by the employee.

Not a jobs bill. A union-buster bill.

HR 2930 – Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act

HR 2930 exempts startups raising less than $1 million in venture capital from small investors from SEC registraiton and oversight.

Not a jobs bill. An anti-regulatory bill.

HR 2940 – Access to Capital for Job Creators Act

HR 2940 repeals prohibitions on solicitation or advertising of a securities offering. It’s a companion to HR 2930, and is intended to allow people with no relationship to a startup company to invest in it without any oversight by the SEC. Let’s call this and its evil twins HR 2930 and HR 1965 the “Ponzi Scheme Coverup Acts of 2011″

HR 1965 – Securities Laws Amendment

HR 1965 changes the shareholder threshhold for SEC registration from 500 to 2000 shareholders. It’s not a jobs bill. It’s a “hide from the SEC” bill. Its companion, HR 1970, would exempt SEC registration of public offerings under $50 million rather than the current $5 million threshold.

Many More EPA Acts

So many they don’t deserve to be broken down individually. HR 2273 removes coal ash regulation from the EPA and hands it to the states. HR 2681 would put a legislative stay on cement manufacturing emission standards. HR 2250 would put a legislative stay on EPA boiler MACT rules. HR 2401 would require analysis of all EPA regulations relating to air, waste, water and climate change. HR 2018 would restrict EPA from issuing any revisions to existing water standards or issuing a new standard for a pollutant if the state has already adopted one or there is an existing standard in place. In other words, ignore any new scientific research after an initial standard has been set. HR 2021 amends the Clean Air Act to open oil and gas exploration off the Alaska coast. HR 910 strips the EPA of authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, a direct assault on efforts to limit man-made contributions to climate change. HR 872 expands the use of pesticides, fungicides and rodent without EPA approval.

Many More Oil and Gas Drilling Acts

There is HR 1231, which would require the Administration to allow offshore oil and gas drilling and exploration in order to meet set domestic production goals, effectively forcing the moratorium on offshore drilling to be lifted to meet goals. HR 1229 requires the Energy Secretary to consider any offshore drilling permits within 30 days of receiving it and provide application denials in writing within 60 days of the application. Another “forced moratorium lift” bill. HR 1230 forces sales of oil leases in the Gulf of Mexico and Outer Continental Shelf of Virginia. It also lifts requirements for environmental impact statements and grandfathers in a 2007 document as authority for environmental impact.

Special Interest Legislation, or Pandering to Corporate Interests

HR 1904 proposes an exchange of land so that Resolution Copper, LLC can mine copper on what is now part of the Tonto National Forest.

HJ Res 37 is a resolution of disapproval on net neutrality.

HR 2587 prohibits the NLRB from restricting where an employer can locate. This is in response to the NLRB’s objection to the Boeing plant relocation to South Carolina, a right-to-work state.

These would fall under the anti-labor, anti-environment categories, but not particularly effective job creators. In fact, in Boeing’s case, the jobs lost would hurt the economy more than jobs created in a right-to-work state where employers are not obligated to adhere to industry standards on contracts, safety or other issues.


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A Limerick For John Boehner. (Last One, I Swear)

A man named John is our speaker.
It’s clear he’s a Koch brothers tweeker.
He laps up their cash,
Lets our job market crash.
He wants us all milder and meeker.

Once Again, Nancy Pelosi Saves The Day.

Nancy Pelosi photo portrait as Speaker of the ...

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The bill to raise the debt ceiling has passed, and nobody is feeling very warm and fuzzy about it (understatement, yes I know). One of the least talked about aspects of this giant turd of a bill is the role Nancy Pelosi played in the house vote. Basically, she saved everyone’s ass, including Boehner and Obama.

When Boehner put the bill to a house vote, hours before the default deadline was to occur, he had no fucking idea if it would pass or not. He didn’t poll his fellow Republicans, he didn’t talk to Pelosi in order to get an idea of how many votes the bill would actually get from the Democrats. He placed a bet on a three legged horse, hoping against hope it would win by some miracle. Nancy Pelosi was that miracle.

When the vote took place, the Republicans went first; only 174 of them voted for the bill, a full 42 votes short of the 216 needed. Although Pelosi knew this bill was an enormous piece of shit, she also knew that there was no time to negotiate or amend the bill; U.S default was only hours away.

Pelosi understood the two options; A punch in the gut, or a knife to the throat. Pelosi chose the lesser of two evils, the punch in the gut. Without speaking a word, a simple glance in the direction of her party told them what was needed: Pass the bill. One by one, reluctant Democrats voted for the bill, and default was averted. Once again, Pelosi saves the day while Boehner takes the credit.

Let me make this clear; this bill sucks. It’s a satan sandwich, a shit sandwich, a turd, a stick in the eye, a royal fucking of the poor and middle class. The Teahadist win and the rest of us lose. Obama has proved once again that he has no gumption when it comes to negotiating with the Republican economic terrorists.

Under Pelosi’s leadership, the house Dems did what they had to do in order to make the situation go from worse to bad. She once again displayed that she is not only the balls of the party, but the brains as well. Now that this battle is over, she plans on taking the fight to the GOP over creating jobs , an issue that the Rethuglicans have no interest in. My money is on her.

Pelosi, should be in charge of this country, not Obama. We would be better off if she was.

A hell of a lot better.

Never Mind Those Gaping Cracks In The Plaster: The Debt Ceiling Is Safe.

A landmark deal was reached over the weekend that will increase the debt ceiling, and avert default by the government. The agreement to raise the ceiling by 2.4 trillion dollars features a balanced budget package, including sweeping budget cut, as well as generating revenue by closing tax loopholes and ending oil- wait, what? No increases in revenue what so ever? Just cuts?


Well, at least Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare were untouched- what’s that? Medicare was tapped for cuts?


Well, at least a deal was reached, the default was averted, and we can move forward- I’m sorry? Neither party likes the deal, and may not pass it? There may still be a default on our debt?


Washington DC: This town needs an enema.

At least my Cincinnati Reds made some blockbuster trades this weekend to put them back in the pennant – no? They stood pat?


The Reds must be like the government; tread water and hope nobody notices how bad they’re floundering.

I’m going back to bed; anybody seen my Teddy Bear?

Pick Your Topic Tuesday: Who in The Democratic Party Needs to Borrow Nancy Pelosi’s Balls?

Nancy Pelosi photo portrait as Speaker of the ...

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The Pick Your Topic Tuesday shout out this week goes to Spinny Liberal, with her topic “Who in the Democratic Party needs to borrow Nancy Pelosi’s balls?” If you haven’t checked out Spinny Liberal yet, please do. Spinny comments on current events and the political scene with a zeal and biting sense of humor that makes my blog seem dry as a popcorn fart. She’s doing a great job in her corner of the blogosphere, and she’s a hell of a lot of fun to read!

Without further adieu, I give you:

Who in The Democratic Party Needs to Borrow Nancy Pelosi’s Balls?

When it comes to courage and determination in politics, it’s hard to top Democratic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. She was first recognized as a mover and a shaker when she organized the House Democrats to push back against George W. Bush when he mandated the privatization of Social Security. Under Pelosi’s leadership, the Democratic minority formed a united front and managed to defeat the bill. She has shown to be a leader who stands behind her convictions; as the first woman speaker of the house, she stood against her party when her peers clamored for the impeachment of Bush. She has stood up to Republicans and Democrats, as well as two presidents and several world leaders. Over the years, she has proven to be a more than capable leader with cajones the size of Volkswagons. When it comes to Democrats, there are many of them who could stand to learn from Pelosi’s in your face never back down style.

Who in the Democratic Party could stand to borrow some of Pelosi’s balls? It would be easier to identify who doesn’t need to grow a pair. There is Gabrielle Giffords, who not only survived a shot to the head at point blank range, but has recovered enough to venture out into public to witness her husband’s shuttle launching. There is also the Wisconsin 14, the group of state legislators who went on the lamb to Chicago in response to Governor Scott Walker’s union busting bill. Despite Walker’s public rants and threats, the 14 remained strong, and forced Walker to conduct the vote in what was apparently an illegal manner. I suppose I should add Anthony Weiner to this list as well. He has not only called out Republican chicanery on the house floor; he has also physically proven he has a huge pair of gonads on Twitter.

So are these the only Democrats who have the ability to show some gumption? Well, yes. I have always believed that the Republicans have more balls than brains, and the Democrats have more brains than balls. In most cases, this has rung true, particularly after the 2008 elections.

After the 2008 elections, we had them. We had them right where we wanted them. The Democrats had the White House, the House, and the Senate. The country was a mess, and anti-conservatism was high. The wrongs of the Bush era could have been fixed, and our country could have been put on the right track again. They could have let the Patriot Act die. They could have restored our pre-Bush civil liberties. They could have removed our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. They could have closed Gitmo. They could have ended tax subsidies to big oil, and allowed the Bush tax cuts to the rich die on the vine. They could have repealed DOMA, and federally legalized same sex marriage. They could have done ANYTHING. They didn’t. Instead, there was tough talk from Obama and hand wringing from congress. Fear won out over conviction. The Democrats were so afraid of conservative reprisal, that instead of progress, we got stagnation. In the end, most of them were ousted anyway, thanks to the Tea Baggers. The majority went out with a whimper, and the conservatives came in with a bang. Now, we’re no better off than we were under Bush. In fact we’re worse. The 2010 edition of the conservative wave is more brash, more repressive, and more insane than ever. The Democratic Party including Obama, fucked up by allowing the big bad Republicans to smell fear. As a result, this country has become even more fascist and theocratic than ever before.

The Democratic voting base needs to grow a pair as well; we bitch about the Rethuglicans and Tea Bagger Terrorists, but when it comes time to talk with our votes, we perform a massive no show. We allow the conservatives to take charge, because we simply do not turn out to the polls the way they do. We need to mobilize, register correctly, and get our asses to the booths to make our voices be heard. We need to hold our elected leaders accountable. We need to make them understand that we put ourselves out on a limb to put them in a position to lead, and that they damn well better represent us, not their own selfish interests.

There’s a lot of criticism and ridicule of Nancy Pelosi, from Republicans and Democrats alike. The truth is, we need her. Right or wrong, she attacks an issue like no other Democrat is willing to do. She stands behind her convictions, and she lets the world know that she is not going to put up with anybody’s shit. She fought her way through the political men’s club to become second in line to the presidency behind the vice president, and though she may have been replaced as speaker of the house by Republican John Boehner, her voice is as strong as ever.

As the Republicans continue to shoot themselves in the foot leading up to the 2012 elections, the prospect of a new Democratic majority in the house seems to be very real. I can only hope that the new wave of liberal leaders that may come in will have the balls that Nancy Pelosi already has. Otherwise, it will be business as usual on Capitol Hill, and our country will continue to step into even deeper piles of shit.


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