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Shutdown: Some Numbers To Mull Over While Our Government Does Nothing

It’s estimated that the government shut down will cost the tax payers twenty one million dollars a day. In addition, the shut down will slow down the economy to the tune of three hundred million dollars a day.  Meanwhile, the stock market began to plummet before the shut down even went into effect. In addition, an estimated eight hundred thousand government workers are now on leave without pay. Furthermore, vital social programs such as WIC will be shut down, leaving many who rely on government assistance to fend for themselves. Looking forward to retirement? Not so fast my friend. You’re application for Social Security most likely will not be processed until the shut down ends. Want to go to a national park or museum? Forget about it, they’re shut down as well. The absurd list of those affected by the shut down goes on and on.

This  is our conservative party at work folks – or in this case non work. They are diligently and systematically destroying our country in order to undermine our president. This isn’t a mere temper tantrum over Obama-care: This is treason.  This is one of our parties demonstrating a complete disregard for the country they supposedly have sworn to protect and work for. The government could have easily been kept operational if the Republican Party would have budged one iota on their ridiculous demands. The House and Senate could have easily passed a spending bill that did not include the defunding of Obama-care, John Boehner wouldn’t allow it.  The GOP isn’t looking out for the American people, they’re looking out for themselves, as well as the likes of the Koch brothers. This traitorous act by the Republican Party is akin to the boy with the football going home until everybody lets him play quarterback. Let me tell you something boys, the game you’re trying to shut down went on without you: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act went into effect while you were collectively packing your footballs and going home. Your little game of chicken accomplished nothing, other than seriously damaging our economy. It’s not Obama nor the Democrats who are suffering from your childish and churlish behavior: It’s millions of people in this country who will suffer.

At the very least, the GOP leaders who are leading this crusade against John Q Public simply must be voted out in 2014. At the most, they should be led away from their tax payer subsidized day care in shackles. In closing, I would just like to say this to John Boehner and the rest of his petulant cronies:


Oh What a Night!

Wow, what an emotional roller coaster of a night it was. I’m still having trouble gathering my thoughts. With so many “swing” states so hotly contested last night, both my partner and I collectively held our breaths for hours. It wasn’t until the west brought Obama close that I started to mildly relax: It wasn’t until Ohio was called shortly after 11, that I could even think about going to bed. I even got up in the middle of the night to double check the results. It was that kind of night for my partner and I.

However in the midst of all the fretting and fussing, the teeth gnashing, the hand wringing, the nail biting, I noticed, as did many of you, that we the people were delivering a succinct message: The hate has to stop, that extremism is not appropriate, that intolerance is not to be tolerated. Take a look at what transpired last night, then try to tell me I’m wrong:

Amidst the conservative anti-feminist movement, 19 female senators were elected, which is the most ever. There were some very notable, hard fought campaigns:

-  In Missouri, Claire McCaskill shut that whole thing down by trouncing Todd Akin.
- In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin beat career politician Tommy Thompson, and became this country’s first openly gay Senator.
- In Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren beat corporate favorite Scott Brown.

In a lot of congressional and senate races, progressives won out over big money, including:

-Sherrod Brown beating Josh Mandel.
-Patrick Murphy winning against Linda McMahon
- Iraqi war veteran Tammy Duckworth defeating Joe Walsh in Illinois.

The Tea Party was also on the ropes:
-Allen West lost his congressional seat in Florida.
-Michele Bachman nearly lost hers.
- In heavily Republican Indiana, Joe Donnelly beat right wing nut Richard Mourdock.

Marriage equality received a big boost. Maine, Maryland, and Washington all voted to legalize same sex marriage, while an anti-marriage equality amendment in Minnesota was voted down. Overall, this election has been a boon for not only women, but also for LGBT Americans.

In the west both Washington and Colorado voted to legalize Marijuana, giving new meaning to Rocky Mountain high. It’s about time that people start realizing that Marijuana is a good thing, and not the falsely accused gateway drug that alcohol and tobacco fat cats make it out to be.

But what about Obama? What kind of mandate did his election deliver last night? Although the electoral vote was a landslide (303 to 206, with Florida still undecided), he won the popular vote by less than 3 million. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. I saw a lot of red states for Willard last night. Fortunately, they weren’t heavily populated states. So what happened?

For starters, I think social issues played a bigger role than what the GOP was planning on. The Republican party has lost touch with the country in this aspect. They alienated half of this country with patriarchal, elitist hate rhetoric, and most of us are just tired of it. They went after the rich white Christian vote, and motivated millions of people in most every densely populated area to come out and wait hours in line… to vote against them. This election was more about fighting class warfare and conservative extremism than following Obama’s plan. Picking an old rich white guy to represent the GOP to deliver their message of extreme christian values and austerity was a huge mistake, and in the long run, it has and will cost the Republicans dearly.

In my opinion, our country is heading in the right direction (for now) both socially and economically. However we have a long way to go. Unemployment is still way too high, the cost of living is still outpacing wage growth. DOMA must be repealed, while marriage equality must be nationally recognized. There is more work to be done to level the playing field for Women, LGBT Americans, African Americans, Latinos, immigrants, both the poor and the middle class, and the elderly. Obama and the Democrats can get us there, and a lot of people cried out last night that this is what they want. He must listen to that message, he must act on our demands. In turn, the GOP must listen to our message as well, and react in kind. We expect and demand that the parties work together. It could be a pipe dream, but I don’t believe that in Obama’s America, that the dream is unrealistic.

To wrap it up, I want to say how proud I am of everyone who stood in line for hours to vote, however you voted. It means that each and every one of us understands how important it is to this country to do our civil duty, and cast our ballots. I also want to give mad props to the volunteers who manned the precincts: it was a long night for all of you, and you did your country proud.

Like most of us, I’m exhausted, yet I’m exhilarated at the prospects. Today, I’m proud to be called an American.

What a refreshing change.

One more thing: Donald Trump, you are an insufferable prick. Take your hate rhetoric spewing, paranoid delusional baggy white ass, and crawl under some gilded rock somewhere. You’re bad for this country, you’re bad for America. You’re bad for humanity. Shut the fuck up, just saying.

Anything New Going on Today?


I hope everyone does their civic duty today, and gets out to vote. It’s your right to make your voice heard, don’t let anyone take that away from you!

I’m not going to waste any more words today about who I support: You already know who, and you probably have your mind made up as well. Hopefully, you’re armed with plenty of information and prepared to vote with your conscience, as well as some good old fashioned critical thinking.

Happy Voting!

The Lies That Binder: Romney Insults Women’s Intelligence Once Again.

Willard’s disregard for women was on display in full force last night. He tried to bully Candy Crowley ( to be fair, Obama did to some extent as well). He completely side stepped the issue of equal pay for women. He flat out lied about his “binders of women.” He disrespected single mothers by tying them into gun control and the decline of societal values: Where the fuck did you come up with that Willard? He even did the classic Willard flop on the issue of contraception! The point is that if elected, Willard and the rest of the American Taliban will set women’s rights back at least 100 years. Women have to ask themselves: Is this what I want? Leadership that would impose their own concept of Shari’a law over me?

Romney Channels Gerald Ford


If you’re old enough to remember the Ford-Carter debate, you may remember Ford stating that Eastern Europe was not under Soviet control. His statement was an indictment of how clueless Ford was of foreign policy. Romney’s statement last night  was so out of touch, that even the moderator was compelled to fact check it. This was Willard’s “Ford Moment.”

During last night’s debate, President Obama finally took Willard behind the woodshed: He exposed him for the elitist, uninformed and out of touch liar that Romney is. Willard has been mediocre at best as a politician, why would anyone think he’s capable of running this country? Hell, he couldn’t even handle running one state.

One more thing on the Benghazi terrorist attacks: The Republican dominated congress voted to slash funding for embassy security. It’s because of their misguided “austerity” measures that 4 people were killed that night. To point fingers and to politicize this tragedy is not only wrong; it’s morally reprehensible. I can’t seem to recall any Democrats blaming Bush for the thousands who were killed on 9-11 over a decade ago. The fact that the Republicans are even willing to go there displays just how bereft of morals they truly are.

Who Is The Vice President of The United States?

Official portrait of Vice President of the Uni...

Official portrait of Vice President of the United States . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So far, I’ve had 169 hits on my blog today, all generated by that search engine question. Our Vice President is Joe Biden. You may have heard of him. He’s the old white guy who stands next to Obama and smiles a lot. He’s been in the political arena for decades, and built his reputation as a feisty political bulldog for his skewering of Reagan Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, back in the 80′s. He’s debating Paul Ryan tonight, and I hope he delivers the same verbal spanking that he delivered to Bork. You might want to watch it.

Watch “President Barack Obama Full DNC Acceptance Speech 2012″ on YouTube

President Obama had a tough act to follow after so many excellent speeches during this convention. While his speech may not have been the best of the convention, it was very good, and it was way better than the empty tripe that Romney put out there last week. Obama defended his record well, and promoted a clear path for the future. It was a terrific speech.

Watch “Bill Clinton full DNC Speech 2012″ on YouTube

Even though I supported Clinton during his presidency, I have not been the biggest fan. His repeal of Glass-Steagle took us down the road to devastating deregulation of banking. In addition, his signing of DOMA into law, set back marriage equality for the LGBT community by at least 2 decades.

What I do admire about Clinton is his dedication and passion. Even though he has been out of office for 12 years, he just may be the hardest working man in politics and diplomacy. Furthermore, I love his communication. Clinton has never had a problem with relating to the poor and middle class; his messages are simple and folksy, yet intelligent and full of common sense while not being condescending. At face value, Clinton is a man for the people.

Last night may have been one of his masterpieces. His speech at the DNC is being hailed by many as the game changer that will get Obama reelected.

However, don’t take my word for it: See for yourself.

Obama Calls Ryan’s Budget” Social Darwinism”

At 12:30 this afternoon, President Obama will be holding a press conference, in which he’ll be slamming Paul Ryan’s rich get richer, poor get poorer budget. As Obama is expected to label the plan as “Social Darwinism,” some excerpts of his speech have been released in advance. Let’s take a look, shall we?

“Disguised as [a] deficit reduction plan, it’s really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. It’s nothing but thinly-veiled Social Darwinism. It’s antithetical to our entire history as a land of opportunity and upward mobility for everyone who’s willing to work for it — a place where prosperity doesn’t trickle down from the top, but grows outward from the heart of the middle class. And by gutting the very things we need to grow an economy that’s built to last — education and training; research and development — it’s a prescription for decline,”

Obama is right on a few points here: Yes, it is Social Darwinism. It’s survival of the richest at it’s very best. There are a ton of cuts, including eliminating medicare, that are designed to keep the impoverished where they’re at, and drag the middle class that much closer to poverty. In the meantime, healthy tax cuts for the rich widens the gap even further between them and us. However, it is not antithetical to the American Way, it falls right in line with our social and economical history. The poor and middle class never stood a chance in our hierarchal, bust and boom economy.

Obama will also add that the generation of middle class Americans who went to college on the G.I. Bill helped build the most prosperous economy in the world.

This is an outright lie or hallucination. Our economy did become the most prosperous, but it was built upon the Cold War machine. A war on communism that was concocted by American corporate powers in order to generate more profit for a privileged few.

Don’t get me wrong here; Obama is right to lambaste Ryan and his budget. It’s horrible and inhuman; it’s a fiscal and social disaster. Where he’s wrong is in trying to sell us this bill of goods deemed as the American way. Your version of it looks great, but it never existed.

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Got Money, Let’s Go Dancing On The Backs of The Bruised!

Here’s a terrific article from Jerry White at the World Socialist Website, reprinted in its entirety. Jerry makes some wonderful points in regards to the financial elite, as well as pointing out their strangle hold on both political parties. His conclusion is that we need a government run by the working class; I couldn’t agree more.

Without further adieu, I share with you:

The bankers’ budget

5 August 2011

The United States had its political origin in a revolutionary struggle against an entrenched aristocracy. Today, the working class faces a no less determined foe—a parasitic financial elite whose only response to the crisis it has created is ever more draconian attacks on the social conditions of the vast majority of the population in the US and around the world.

At the head of this ruling class stands the Obama administration, which together with the US media and political establishment as a whole is insisting that the $2.4 trillion in cuts contained in the latest budget agreement is only a “first step,” an “initial down payment” in a historic assault on the social rights of the working class, from health care to public education.

The budget cuts were drawn up in continual and close contact with the handful of banking executives who have the ultimate say over policy. In the days leading up to this week’s Congressional vote, White House Chief of Staff William Daley—himself a former JPMorgan Chase executive—and other administration officials were on the phone with bankers and corporate executives from major firms like American Express and Honeywell.

On the eve of the vote in the US Senate, the Wall Street Journal reported, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner called JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon “to brief him on the final deal.” Geithner well understood that Dimon’s opposition would be a deal-breaker.

Far from caving in to the “extortion” of the Republicans—as Obama’s liberal and “left” apologists have described his actions during this week’s events—the president was acting as the direct representative of the banks when he fashioned the budget-cutting deal.

The two political parties in the United States cannot make any decision of substance unless first ratified by the financial aristocracy. Having spent the last three years emptying the US Treasury to cover Wall Street’s gambling debts from the crash of 2008, Obama sought the approval of the bankers for his plan to make the working class pay.

Pressure from the finance industry—which issued an open letter warning of a calamity if Congress failed to reach a deal—apparently convinced several recalcitrant Republicans to sign on to the last-minute agreement as well. Having done this, however, the financial elite immediately began pressing for far deeper attacks on the working class.

Credit rating agencies Moody’s and Fitch warned that a downgrade of US debt was possible if Congress failed to enact debt-reduction measures quickly. This followed warnings last week by Standard & Poor’s, which said any deal with less than $4 trillion in cuts would jeopardize its rating of US debt.

As concerns over a double-dip recession in the US and the European debt crisis sent global markets plunging—including a 512-point sell-off on the Dow Jones Industrial Average Thursday—financial analysts and media pundits developed a new narrative. Concern that Washington lacked the “political will” to slash long-standing entitlement programs was exacerbating “market uncertainty.”

Commenting on the market sell-off, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday the budget deal should send a “reassuring message around the world” that the US government is serious about balancing the budget.

In fact, the new cuts will only intensify the economic crisis, while the slashing of food stamps, unemployment compensation, health care and education will eliminate programs that are more essential for survival than ever.

The Obama administration has now established the precedent that every dollar of increased government debt will be compensated by a dollar of spending cuts. Even if nonmilitary discretionary spending was slashed by one-third by 2021—requiring brutal cuts in Pell Grants, food stamps and other programs—the debt ceiling would have to be raised by $6 trillion, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities predicted.

It added that the dollar-for-dollar balancing of debt increases and spending cuts “ultimately would require dismantling much of the Great Society and even the New Deal, thereby paving the way for vast increases in poverty and deprivation.”

With millions unemployed and without the prospect of a job, the government at both the federal and state level is moving to cut unemployment benefits. Deliberately left out of Obama’s budget deal was an extension of federal benefits for the more than three million long-term jobless workers who could see their only source of income disappear in early 2012.

In one sign of the social crisis, the number of Americans on food stamps rose to an all-time high of nearly 45.8 million—or 15 percent of the US population—in May, according to a new report by the US Department of Agriculture. Unemployment, wage cuts and other economic factors led to a 12 percent jump in food stamp usage from a year ago and a 34 percent rise from May of 2009.

As consumer spending and wages fall, the New York Times reported Thursday that sales of luxury goods to the wealthy are approaching pre-recession levels. The Times reported the sale of luxury goods—including $1,650 Crème de la Mer facial creams, $2,495 Louboutin suede boots, $11,950 Gucci coats and $200,000 Mercedes Benz sedans—increased 11.6 percent in July, the biggest monthly gain in more than a year.

The resumption of such excess is chiefly the product of the rise on the stock market, after the Obama administration’s bailout made the bankers whole and provided the wealthy with virtually free credit. Even after this week’s sell-off, the Dow Jones has risen by 80 percent from its low in 2009.

The financial elite presides over an economic system, capitalism, which is dedicated to one principle: the defense of the wealth of the ruling class and the profits of the banks and major corporations.

The events of this week make clear that the international working class faces the prospect of depression and continual attacks on its basic social rights. As the consequence of the budget cuts begin to be felt, and under the weight of unending economic crisis, the working class will begin to fight back.

The Socialist Equality Party rejects the entire framework of the official discussion of deficit-reduction. The claim that there is “no money” to fund social programs is a lie. The richest one percent in the US controls a greater proportion of the national wealth than ever before.

Corporate profits and CEO pay have already outstripped their pre-crash levels. The problem is not a lack of money, but the irrational and socially destructive subordination of human needs to the accumulation of vast personal wealth by a parasitic elite.

Workers are not responsible for the crisis. The SEP calls on workers and young people to reject all demands for “sacrifice” and mobilize their immense social power to stop the budget cuts and defend their social rights.

We insist that any resolution to the crisis must take as its starting point the expropriation of the wealth of the financial aristocracy and a break of its grip over economic life. The vast sums of money monopolized by this layer must be seized and put to the use of society as a whole.

A restructuring of society to meet social need is not possible without the working class taking control over the main economic forces. This means the transformation of the banks and major corporations into publicly owned industries under democratic control, as part of the socialist reorganization of the economy as a whole.

Such a program can only be achieved through a political struggle. The government of the banks, upheld by the Democrats and Republicans alike, must be replaced by a government of the working class.

In order to wage a struggle against the savage cuts being prepared, the working class must break decisively with Obama and both corporate-backed parties and take up the fight for socialism. We urge workers and youth to join the SEP and build it as the new revolutionary leadership of the working class.

Jerry White


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